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April 12 - 14, 2024

Oak Grove Rhythm Retreat OGRR cute ogre



"Once you're exposed to rhythm and movement that is deeply engaging, it rocks you to your core."


What? Oak Grove Rhythm Retreat "OGRR"

Where? Tarboro, NC 27886

When? April 12 - 14, 2024

What activities are planned? Drumming workshops (djembe & dununs), drum building and maintenance demonstration, playing a variety of percussion instruments, flute circle, low-impact West African dance, fire dance safety overview, fire dance/fire spinning and hoop dancing/hooping workshops, guided plant walks, Tai Chi, morning dance with live music by Lipbone, drumming, dancing and fire spinning by the campfire, and more!

What will we eat? We have a caterer to provide a light breakfast for pre-purchase on Sat and Sun mornings, and dinner for purchase on Fri evening, Sat lunch & evening through our meal plan. We will also suggest our favorite local dining options. For all other food needs, participants should bring their own food and water. 

Are there showers for campers? Yes! Hot water too.

What should I bring? April usually has a range of weather, so come prepared for it all. There is space for hammocks, yoga mats, and chairs. There are a few tents available for rent if arranged in advance. Flow tools such as hoops and fire flow tools, plus instruments including flutes, are encouraged!

How is this a sustainable festival? We offer composting toilets, and encourage guests to bring their own water bottles, and reusable plates, cups & silverware.

How do I use a composting toilet? Simply go as usual, and then add a scoop of sawdust. We will take care of the rest!

Are there activities for kids? Most of our activities and workshops are appropriate for all ages. The youngest festival goers will need help from their adult(s) to make the most of this retreat.

Can I get a scholarship? Scholarships are dependent on donors. To be considered, please email:

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